Power Pivots

March Madness just wrapped for 2022, and the temptation to use basketball analogies is fierce. 

When a player catches a pass or a rebound, they can dribble and keep moving. Or, they can stop and decide to pass or shoot. While they stop, they are not immobile. One foot is a pivot point, allowing them to turn in a new direction.

Life provides a number of pivot points. When we graduate from school, we have options. Every year we get a clean calendar in January, inviting resolutions and other changes. Some of these events we create ourselves; in my case, a new tool has made some changes.

Other events are less in our control. Retirement and deaths can give us major choices that we must make. 

I guess I could try to stay the same forever, but that would not be natural. Everyone should be growing and changing until they die. I believe that’s why we are on earth. I hope to start sharing some of my pivots and the lessons they have brought me.

I cannot promise a smooth ride, but it should be an adventure!