Power Pivots

March Madness just wrapped for 2022, and the temptation to use basketball analogies is fierce. 

When a player catches a pass or a rebound, they can dribble and keep moving. Or, they can stop and decide to pass or shoot. While they stop, they are not immobile. One foot is a pivot point, allowing them to turn in a new direction.

Life provides a number of pivot points. When we graduate from school, we have options. Every year we get a clean calendar in January, inviting resolutions and other changes. Some of these events we create ourselves; in my case, a new tool has made some changes.

Other events are less in our control. Retirement and deaths can give us major choices that we must make. 

I guess I could try to stay the same forever, but that would not be natural. Everyone should be growing and changing until they die. I believe that’s why we are on earth. I hope to start sharing some of my pivots and the lessons they have brought me.

I cannot promise a smooth ride, but it should be an adventure!

Superficial Signals

Autumn has almost descended upon the Northern Hemisphere. Influencers and stores are pushing different styles and colors. 

four brown leaves on textile
Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on Pexels.com

Oklahoma, of course, still has temperatures pushing 100 degrees. While not conducive to cashmere or leather clothing, fall colors can come out to play in clothing and makeup more appropriate to the weather. Cranberries, plums, and greens can mix with grays and blacks in lightweight fabrics and short sleeves. 

A rich berry or purple lip can also signal the transition. A new lip product costs less than clothing as well. 

There are also food choices that come with autumn, especially pumpkin spice everything. I’m not a fan of pumpkin stuff, but to each their own. 

How are you adapting to the change of seasons? 

At least it isn’t 3 years

The last time I posted, it was January 2021, and I have been absent from the site for 3 years. This time, the gap is only 8 months.

I have been in survival mode a lot. My workplace is making major changes. My parents are having issues in their mid-80s. Not exactly shocking, but still something to deal with. 

I have decided to start small with a goal of a post once a week for now. 

I suspect there will be a number of posts about what I have been reading (I do have a backlog of worthy books to discuss). And, of course, more about being a Glamma!

When Life Intervenes

I have not posted here since 2018. I knew I was ignoring the site, but I didn’t realize it was that long. A lot of stuff has happened to keep me away, but I will only highlight one.

Athen Grace Blevins

In December 2018 I became a grandmother (or Glam-ma, in my case). Yes, she has occupied parts of my brain, although not necessarily my blogging/writing areas.

I’m going to try and get to writing again just to keep my sanity.

Too Hot to Blog?

Temperatures have soared above 100 degrees Fahrenheit* this week, with even higher heat indices. The only activities that I deem tolerable are binging TV with appropriate AC and hanging out in neck-deep water in the pool.

It’s summer; why are you reading blog posts anyway?

*That’s above 38 degrees Celsius for those in other countries

In Training

Many years ago there was a bored little girl who needed entertainment. Grandma to the rescue! She wore a silver cuff that she slipped off, placed it between her palms, said “shake ‘em up,” and then hid in one hand. The child had to try and guess which hand hid the bracelet.

Sounds like a snooze when I describe it, but the game could keep me giggling for quite a while.

Details from the cuff

A few months ago, my mother announced she had something for me. I had to take it, even if I didn’t want it. I could dispose of it, but she didn’t want to know. It was the bracelet, Shake ‘Em Up.

Trial run to warm up the bracelet

I wore it for the first time today with a rather bohemian dress. Some friends of my mother’s parents went on a vacation to the west and brought her this cuff as a gift. Until my mother handed it to me, I remembered it as copper, probably because it was chronically tarnished.

I wonder if she ever dreamed of that young grandchild wearing that bracelet, anticipating the birth of her great-great-grandchild? That’s what I’m doing. I’m warming up Shake ‘Em Up for the next generation.