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Why I Haven’t Been Here

Wow. I have not posted here since August. I do have a pretty good reason, though. I wrote a book! One of my interest is faculty development. We are good at training doctors, but they often do not have the … Continue reading

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Fun Fact: Videos Available

I am in the process of converting a number of lectures to short videos. These are directed at pediatric residents (doctors who have completed medical school and are learning this specialty), but most can be understood by laypeople as well. … Continue reading

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A-List Kidney Problem

Blood in the urine (hematuria) occurs in 10% of children on occasion. It may be microscopic, detected only with a dipstick or high magnification. It may be gross, with urine that looks like cola, red wine, or cherry Kool Aid. … Continue reading

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When Good Kidneys Go Bad

Perhaps the diagnosis surprised the family. A previously healthy child became more and more fatigued, ultimately resulting in a trip to the doctor and some blood tests. Perhaps it was the long-anticipated-but-dreaded progression of a known condition. Either way, a … Continue reading

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Nutcracker Hell

The first week of December, for much of my adult life, brought incredible stress. Not from holiday shopping or social demands; this 10-day period was christened Nutcracker Hell Week. My daughter Danced (the capital D is intentional) and dance companies … Continue reading

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A Rough Road Ahead

Last month, a baby came into the world without kidneys. This is not generally a topic for news coverage (it happens more often than you think), but this girl’s mother is U.S. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler. Despite prenatal warnings about the … Continue reading

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How Do Astronauts Go?

Ever wonder how astronauts use the bathroom? Learn more about it at my other blog, WhizBANG!

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Uncommon Rocks

Kidney stones seem to be as common as rocks. A variety of factors can contribute to their formation, but sometimes an interesting cause can be identified. Protein in the urine can be a tip-off that something unusual is happening. Dent’s … Continue reading

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Greetings! I am in the process of upgrading this website. I am finally ditching my GoDaddy Hosting Plan (and their ads that insult my intelligence). As you can see, I have my general info sheets over, and I’m bringing other … Continue reading

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