Does This Make Sense?

I have been on a medicine for diabetes for several months. Not only is my HbA1c down, but I’ve lost a lot of weight.

OK, it’s Ozempic.

I was informed by the pharmacy where I have acquired all of my prescriptions for more than 10 years that they could no longer fill it. Apparently my health insurance company will let you refill a prescription 4 times at the pharmacy of your choice, but then it requires specific providers. I could go with a mail order company and worry about expensive drugs sitting on my porch when I travel. Alternatively, I could use a local Walgreens.


Apparently they have cut a deal with Walgreens for this specific drug. 

The copay is the same as before, but I have moved a single prescription to another pharmacy. Does this make any sense? One of the good things about having all scripts at one vendor is checking for drug interactions and other issues that may arise for those of us on numerous medications. 

I’m sure Walgreens thought that any extra discount they give BCBS is worth it. It’s a diabetes drug, and we people with this condition tend to have other health issues and lots of prescriptions. I’m sure a lot of folks just move all their medications over to Walgreens. I’m not going to do that. I know all the people at my other place. It’s a CVS in Target, and I like going to Target! It’s also a national chain with all the benefits of that arrangement. Ever forgotten or lost a drug while you traveled? It’s much easier to survive when you can walk into the local branch and they look up your records. Yes, Walgreens could do the same, but I like my current people!

So every 3 months I will have a minor inconvenience that serves me no benefit. I wish it made sense.


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